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Eye Twitch/Spasm
My left eye had uncontrollable spasms that caused me problems communicating with coworkers at work without embarrassment. The eye spasms have calmed down significantly after receiving 3 acupuncture sessions. I only notice them when under extreme stress.
P. Brotherston, 1/8/2014

I was diagnosed with Hypo Thyroid Disease in April 2012.
After Nutrition Response Testing treatment with Fang-Tsuey for 3 months I was already feeling better.
With guidance from Fang-Tsuey even after I stopped going there I continue to apply their practice, then 14 months after I was diagnosed that doctor said I won’t live without medicine which I did not take any medication, I am still alive and feeling great. Yesterday Doctor did test on my Thyroid and she said it is completely normal now! It was 3 times worse than normal level.
I can’t thank you enough for saving my life through this treatment.
I highly recommend Nutrition Response Testing and Fang-Tsuey to anyone with any condition that they are suffering.
Jury L June 2013

I have been seeing Fang-Tsuey at Ancient Path for about three months now. I was referred to Ancient Path for help with trying conceive. I look forward to writing another testimonial soon on that subject so stay tuned. I was driving to my Saturday appointment. I was just down the road when out of nowhere I was noticing that I didn’t feel right. I almost felt like I was getting car sick. I rolled down the window and continued driving. By the time I parked the car I was experiencing a full blown episode of Vertigo.
The entire world was spinning, I was sweating, and nausea had set in. I got myself out of the car and into the cool air trying to regroup. I was hoping the cold air would help calm the sweating and the spinning, but that was not the case. A few minutes later I was able to get myself from the car into the office where I immediately sat down head in hands. Fang-Tsuey had come over and the only words I could find at that point were “I’m really sick, it’s vertigo”. Fang-Tsuey got me some warm water to drink and stayed by my side. With a little help walking I found myself lying down in the treatment room.
Fang-Tsuey worked very quickly and gently making sure every acupuncture needle was in place. As soon as they were, I started to feel like the spinning was slowing down. With a few more adjustments of the needles the spinning was gone and the nausea was letting up. Fang-Tsuey left me to rest for a little while and came back in to check on the nausea. With another adjustment of the needles it was gone.
At the end of the appointment it was like the episode never even happened. When I came in that door an hour earlier, I couldn’t imagine being able to stand up without the world spinning, never mind feeling like it never happened at all.
Stephanie G. Februar 2013

Eczema and Anxiety
I came to Ancient Path in search of relief from 20+ years of severe eczema on my hands as well as chronic anxiety. I first met with Aaron who prescribed a series of acupuncture treatments. These were wonderful and improved my anxiety levels tremendously. My eczema still persisted though and I was not at all optimistic that anything could change this dreadful condition that I’ve suffered with since early childhood (I’m 29). Aaron recommended that I speak with Fang-Tsuey about Nutrition Response Testing. I was skeptical but agreed to give it a try. Let me just say that I’ve been to numerous doctors and dermatologists over the course of my life and the only thing offered were harmful corticosteroid creams and moisturizes that did nothing but suppress the symptoms of a deeper problem. The eczema would subside for a few days and then come back 10 times worse than before. Anyone who’s ever been treated by conventional medicine for eczema knows this pattern.
Through NRT Fang-Tsuey was able to identify foods that I was allergic to as well as nutrient deficiencies that were at the core of my issues. After 3-4 months of treatment my eczema is 95% gone using no steroids whatsoever! I have also never felt this level of freedom from this anxiety disorder in my entire life, ever. This is with zero medication or any type of cognitive therapy. NRT and acupuncture get to the root and heals from the inside out to give permanent lasting results. So long as I follow Fang-Tsuey’s instructions, I continue to see improvement week after week. I am so grateful that God led me to Ancient Path and you will not find nicer or more caring individuals than Aaron and Fang-Tsuey. If you are facing any chronic or acute issue that is taking over your life, I would highly recommend you go in for a consultation. I’m certain it will dramatically change your life.
G. Upton, 1/23/13

Energy and Eyes
(Before coming to Ancient Path) I was lethargic, did not have my full energy, my eyes were fuzzy.
(Now) A friend said, “This is the healthiest I have ever seen you!” I feel full of energy, active and my eyes are clearer.
C. Clark, 1/22/13

Pain in Left Hip and Leg
I have had pain for four and half months. I was on three types of medications with no change. I had not had a full night of sleep since the pain started. After first two treatments of acupuncture, I had my first full night of sleep. The pain now is at a minimum.
L. Brown, 09/30/2011

Fatigue and General Health
I was always tired and had very little energy. Although I was constantly eating, I kept losing weight (more than 10 lb). I had lots of phlegm, especially in the morning, and often times my voice was hoarse. I was losing hair, my nails were brittle and had ridges. My eyes were bulging. My pulse used to get very fast when I tried to lie down.
After doing acupuncture and Nutrition Response Testing, above symptoms are ALL gone.
M. W. December 2011

Breast Lump
I was recently diagnosed with a lump in my left breast in which it was detected from a routine mammogram. Fang-Tsuey prescribed natural supplements, self-massage, and treated with acupuncture for a few weeks before my follow-up appointment to have a biopsy. When I went in for my breast biopsy, the mass could not be detected with their imaging and I was sent home! The lump continues to be no longer!
Thank you Ancient Path!
Leslie Z. December 2011

Rashes and Digestion Problem
Before I came to Ancient Path, I had rashes under my arm and in groin area. I was highly uncomfortable. I tried many things with diet, herbs and homeopathy, but nothing moved me toward healing.
After one week of doing Nutrition Response Testing, I could feel a definite improvement. In one month, the rashes were completely healed. I’m committed to staying with this modality for a while to address the underlying issues and to completely detoxify my system. I could tell that my digestion was pretty strong when I went to India for 3 weeks and didn’t have any negative digestive complaints, though others in my party did.
Linda U. December 2011

Lower Back Pain
I was in so much pain, had a hard time putting pants, socks and sneakers. Tie my sneakers was impossible, getting out of bed was painful, uncomfortable, and stiff. Sleeping was very hard, unable to find a good position. Driving was terrible. I’m unable to shave my legs!!!
After seeing Aaron for three acupuncture sessions, now I am able to do more in the house, sleep better, less uncomfortable. No pain! Can sit for longer, driving is much better, not stiff in the morning. My life is better! I can shave my legs now!!!
G. R. January 2012

Supplements & Sugar
I highly recommend Fang Tsuey’s Nutrition Response Testing if you are looking for a way to improve your overall health being. I used to use a lot of supplments and tried to get healthy. I didn’t know some of the supplements out there are even harmful to our bodies. After using Fang Tsuey’s Nutrition Response Testing, she was able to pin point what suplements are beneficial for me. I didn’t know I was allergic to sugar, as I am a chocolate lover. I am more careful of what I eat now. Fang Tsuey, thank you for being such a good teacher and friend, as you are always show you care!
Love and peace,

Lower Back Pain
I have had chronic lower back pain for more than 20 years. It has become constant in the past 5 years. I feel pain almost every day. It is debilitating and has limited things I can do…. I have had to organize my life to avoid my pain. Recently, the pain has progressed down my leg and into my foot. When the pain is very bad, I have had to lie in bed (sometimes for 5 days) until I can move again.
The acupuncture has not only reduced my pain, it has given me a new feeling of freedom and flexibility in my body. I feel a fluidity I never felt before. It is freeing and wonderful.
~ J. M.

Trigeminal Neuralgia
I was having sharp pains in my face due to trigeminal neuralgia. The pain was debilitating and I was getting depressed. The pain interfered with my speech. . I was also on 1200 mg Gabapentin per day.
After only four visits, I feel much better. I have reduced the medication to 900 mg per day. After backing off the medication, there is clarity of thought. I am not experiencing much pain and if I do, it is not as painful. I am extremely grateful to YiJen Tseng for his calming treatments.
~ Andrea M. 08/2011

Scar Tissues
I started the Nutrition Response Treatment at Ancient Path Acupuncture & Herbs about one year ago. Through this program it was discovered that I had some blockages that were caused by scars I have due to various surgery. The scars I have on both hips were fairly long about (6 inches), discolored and I could feel the scar tissue (it was very bumpy). Fang-Tsuey & Yi-Jen suggested that I rub wheat germ oil on the scars and use the laser light every day. I followed their suggestions and I have been extremely surprised and pleased that by doing this treatment the scars have almost totally disappeared which then leads to no blockages. I highly recommend this treatment and the overall Nutrition Response Treatment program they offer.
David P. Davidson, Lexington, Ma, 9/28/10

Weak, broken lines nails
The treatment I experience here was astonishing! My nails completely cleared up in a very short time. Yi-Jen is very kind, patient and knowledgeable. I enjoyed the entire process and would recommend Yi-Jen and this Nutrition Response Testing to everyone!
Carol Thempson

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) about 5 years ago. I made dietary adjustment and the problems improved some. After seeing Dr. Yi-Jen for prostate cancer with Nutrition Response Testing (NRT) program, I found the NRT program has improved my IBS even more and I do not have any issues today.
Tom Shambo

Joints Problems
Experience: I used to have stiff, swollen and painful from time to time. These joints had severely affected my daily life. I have had acupuncture treatments at the Ancient Path from Sept 2008 until March 2009. During these 6 months of treatment, Fang-Tsuey and Yi-Jen managed to cure my joints problem with their excellent skills. Now, it has been almost one year after y last treatment, my problem has never been back again.
Wei Gao

Since I gave up white rice, pasta, white bread and potatoes, my constipation issue disappears.
Viviane D

Painful Period, Depression
I started Nutritional Response testing about a year ago. At that time I was on birth control for my menses, which were usually very painful, and I was also on two medications for depression. Today, I am off all medication and feel wonderful. During treatments I learned how to eat right for my body. I am so happy that I decided to try Nutritional Response testing.
J. D.

Chronic Skin issues
My experience has been very positive. I came here 4 weeks ago with a history of severe foot infections. After receiving acupuncture, the swelling on my feet and lower legs has pretty much gone. I have not had an infection and my hands and feet have been almost clear. My feet and hands have not been this clear in 3-4 years. Acupuncture has defiantly improved my skin problems.
Brian Wigglesworth, April 21 2009

Digestion and Constipation issues, Depression, Weight gain, Cholesterol
I had been taking metamucil for 25 years to alleviate constipation problems. I had problems with digestion. Certain foods were causing extreme indigestion. I was feeling depressed quite often. And to compound the problems I was gaining weight. I was also taking a “statin” drug daily to battle high cholesterol.
Within 2 weeks (after starting Nutrtion Response Testing), I was no longer feeling any depression. By changing my diet to more healthy foods, I began losing weight. I also was able to stop taking metamucil as the new diet helped me become “regular”. The most important change was that with the new diet, I have not experienced indigestion since last October.
Finally, I stopped taking the prescribed cholesterol medicine and on my recent physical, the blood work showed I am in a safe area and do not need to take it.
J R, 04/13/10

Acupuncture has helped to relieve muscle tension, especially in my back and neck to reduce my emotional discomfort and irritability. During the treatment itself, I enter a very relaxed state that gives my mind a break from negative thoughts and sadness.

Help Patients Understand What We Understand
I am very happy with the treatments I received from Ancient Path. Jonathan not only helped me through treatments, but he also explained the origins of my problems and helped me understand what I should do on a daily basis to avoid similar problems in the future. It is important to emphasize that the positive results of the treatment were achieved without any pharmaceutical substances that always have negative side effects. Thank you for your help, your treatments greatly alleviated my physical condition.
Vladimir Zelinski

Frozen Shoulder
From years ago I had a frozen right shoulder. After several doctors’ visits and many matters of physical therapy, I was almost pain free. This took a total of 18 months.
Three weeks ago my right shoulder frozen again, I quickly decided not to repeat the treatment I had before, but to try acupuncture instead. After only one visit, I regained mobility in the shoulder and was almost pain free. I had four more treatments and now am 99% cured.
Claire Bertucci

Stomach and Fatigue
I have been battling stomack and fatigue issues for many years. I have had three sessions with Jonathan and I can’t believe how great I feel already.
Michael Todisco

Pain in hip/shoulder, Depression
My first visit was very rewarding. The pain in my shoulder + hip was much less if not entirely gone. My spirits were much higher; I also liked the friendly environment (at Ancient Path).
Ruth Saivas

Knee Problems
I started to have knee problems since 2003. This problem prevented me from have long walks and doing sports. I could never walk more than 30 min continuously. Since then, I have had many unsuccessful physical therapies. I was extremely fortunate to know about Ancient Path. My knee conditions improved after 2-3 acupuncture visits. After 6-7 visits, I know that I am on my way to recovery.Now that I have been with them for 12 treatments, my knee problem has no longer exists. I would like to sincerely thank Fanh-Tsuey and Yi-Jen for their excellent skills and patience.
Chong Wee Liew

Back Pain
This was my first experience with acupuncture, I was referred by co-worker. The first sessions gave me amazing results, after 2 weeks of constant back pain and taking ibuprofen with no result, I had immediately relief from my back pain. I was able to resume working out at gym and doing more curl-ups than ever without pain!! I highly recommend!
Kerry Bashir

Qi-Gong (Chi Kung)
Yi-Jen, Thank you for your kindness and caring. And also for the time you have spent getting me started with Qi-Gong. I am continuing the movements and it is helping my energy level and fitness level. I am grateful.
Tom Fernandes, Lexington, MA

I highly recommend Ancient Path for helping me find a way to a less stressful lifestyle and ultimately a more relaxed outlook on life. I’ve found acupuncture to be a very effective way to introduce more balance and to reduce the affect of common stresses in my life. After 6 months of treatments, I’m more relaxed, less anxious, I feel better, sleep better and I have Yi-Jen and Fang-Tsuey to thank for it.
P.R. Campbell – Lexington, MA

Tingling/numbness, Dizziness, Shoulder Pain, Weight management, Elevated Cholestrol
I started going to Ancient Path & Herbs for symptoms that my regular doctors could not cure. I was experiencing tingling and numbness on the left side of my face that ran down my arm, dizziness and my vision was impaired. I had these symptoms for months.
My PCP ordered MRI’s and CAT scans, all tests we negative. I saw a neurologist and the test continued, all tests were negative but I still had all of the symptoms.
On the recommendation of a friend I met with Fang-Tsuey and Yi-Jen, I was very interested in what I learned from them and I begin acupuncture 3 days a week and within two weeks most of my symptoms were gone. After two months I was symptom free.
I returned to acupuncture about a year later for serve pain in my shoulder that ran down my arm to my finger tips after my PCP took x-rays and prescribed pain pills for me. I recalled how well acupuncture worked for me so I retuned and began treatment 3 days a week, within 1.5 weeks I was feeling relief, after 3 weeks I was pain free and have been pain free for now also a year.
I then started the Nutrition Response Treatment with Ancient Path & Herbs. I have lost 45 pounds, reduced my cholestrol from 246 to 157, have stopped medication for digestion, have reduced my blood pressure medication to 3 days a week from 7 and hope to be completely off the drug by April. My blood pressure dropped from 150/90 to 134/70. I have also eliminated my cholesterol medication.
I feel great, my friends tell me I look great and I have a completely different outlook on my life, I feel like I now have control over my body. I continue to have my weekly NRT check in
David D

Anxiety, Sinus problems
I am a new patient and have never experienced acupuncture before. I am SO happy to have followed through with my desire.. and this is coming from someone that is very afraid of needles. Acupunture has done wonders for me. I am less anxious and the sinus pressure I experience everyday has diminished greatly. I am going to continue to use acupunture as a means of preventive and maintenance measures. I highly recommend acupunture and it has opened my eyes up a great deal. This is a great facility and I am so grateful to have experienced all that I have already. I look forward to many more. Thank you Ancient Path.
Carrieann Tyler

Restless Legs + Cold Temperature
Experience: My experience so far with acupuncture at Ancient Path has been wonderful. The Acupuncturists are so kind + very successful in their efforts to help me with increasing my temperature + reliving my restless leg symptoms to cure the root problem.
I am very excited to continue my treatment and look forward to more positive result!
Tara Plamer Finn : )

Chronic sinus condition, Digestive disorder, and Arthritis of knee
In November of 2003, desperate to find relief from a chronic sinus condition, I turned to acupuncture. Prior to finding acupuncture, the only cure that traditional medicine offered was to prescribe antibiotics and steroids. After six years of this treatment I was not feeling better – in fact, I was feeling worse. After one initial acupuncture treatment, I felt relief. Yi-Jen Tseng, Lic. Ac. took a complete medical history, and based on his assessment of my “qi” prescribed a treatment plan to help to relieve my sinus issues. I followed his recommended course of acupuncture treatments, and after approximately six months, my sinus problems were gone — no more sinus pain and pressure; no sinus migraines, or infections. This success motivated me to seek acupuncture treatments for other medical issues that I was having. I used acupuncture to treat arthritis of my left knee, a digestive disorder, and overall energy balance. I am happy to say that my “qi” is in balance and has been this way for quite a while. I deliberately continue treatment on a monthly basis to maintain my qui. I feel better now than when I was 20; and I attribute this to acupuncture and the care that I receive from Ancient Path Acupuncture and Herbs. Thank you for giving me the best gift that anyone can receive – the gift of health.
Liz DiBenedetto, Norwood, MA

Lower back pain
I injured my lower back and have two herniated discs. I came into this office crooked and bent over with pain. I am leaving this office feeling so much better. Thank you so much!
Rob Brotherston

Bell’s Palsy
I have been going to Ancient Path for treatment of Bell’s Palsy. Yi-Jen was able to significantly improve my condition with my eyes and other facial muscles. There are no known drugs to ease the symptoms but acupuncture did significantly ease the discomfort and fasten the healing within a short period of time.
Cheryl Scali

Pain, Menstral problems, etc.
I started taking acupuncture on 8/2008 in Worcester at a different facility. I faithfully went every week, hoping that my aches will go away. Unfortunately, my pains continued. I decided to look for a chinese acupucturist. I started seeing Yi-Jen Tseng on 11/14/08. I go every week to get my therapy. I can tell you that now I feel full of energy, my menstruation flow has diminish significantly, I have almost no blood clots, my legs don’t hurt anymore and my period went from 6 days duration to 4 days. I have been pain free for over 4 weeks. No more shoulder, back or neck pain. I also started taking chinese herbs and my skin is radiant an smooth. I had multiple skin tags on my cheeks and they are all gone. I am still on treatment for my fertility hoping that soon I will be able to conceive and retain a baby. I highly recommend to come get acupuncture treatments at Anciet Path. They know what they are doing here!!! You will be very satisfy too…
D. Reyes, Worcester, MA, 1/3/09

Fang-Tsuey has markedly changed my life – I dare say that she has made life even more beautiful.
My mother sent me to her (after going for herself) because she had told Fang-Tsuey about the health problems I had had over the course of almost 15 years.
Beginning with endometriosis at 15 – to ovarian cysts at 24 – to 7 fibroids at 27 – to a hysterectomy at 30 due to the fibroids and their invasion of my uterus – to endometriosis (left behind after the hysterectomy) that had attached to all of my internal organs that was surgically removed 2 years ago with a full body laser.

I had almost stopped eating – mostly because the effects of the endometriosis are similar to Crohn’s disease and eating inevitably caused such severe pain that I began to eat at “safe times” and avoided eating out as much as possible without becoming a complete recluse.

I never lost joy in my life – nor did I ever pity my station. I believed that all that was handed to me was meant to be and was part of the challenge of life. However, I was tired, tired of being in pain from the endometriosis that had come back after surgery and from the ovarian cysts that had weaseled their way back into my life. I was open to trying anything – I was also ready to fly to Atlanta to an endometriosis specialist in the spring…and told Fang-Tsuey that I would give her until spring and that I would do whatever she needed me to in order to avoid yet another surgery. She came through on her promise to do whatever she could for me almost immediately.

The acupuncture is easy – lying there – feeling your body open up and respond, the nutrition has been difficult, especially for one who ate “safe foods at safe times”. Fang-Tsuey removed everything that I thought I could eat and replaced it with almost every food I had avoided for years. I have never eaten so much or so well. I feel whole again.

I immediately responded to acupuncture – and within a week (2 appointments) found myself actually feeling better. With the combination of nutrition and acupuncture it is easy for me to say that I have not felt as good as I do since I was 15. The path to Fang-Tsuey and Ancient Paths has been long, but it is one that I will treasure forever.
Shannon M

Thyroid condition, Cholesterol
After my treatment with NRT (Nutrition Reponse TestingSM), on my next doctor appointment, my cholesterol level dropped significantly, also my thyroid condition needed a lower dosage of levoxyl. The doctor was very pleased with the improvement.
Shirley Donnelly

Adult Onset Still’s Disease
I was diagnosed of Adult Onset Still’s Disease 2 years ago. The acute feverish symptoms turned into joint pain after one week and steroid-based medication caused considerate side effects. My both knees, more on the left, felt pain almost everyday. The average level of pain is 5 in a 0 to 10 scale. Sometimes my finger joints felt pain and swollen. I felt tired and dizzy most of time.

After the first few treatments (with acupuncture and Nutrition Reponse TestingSM), I felt great overall improvement. Now I don’t feel any pain most of time. The knee pain is nothing compared to condition before treatment. I feel more energetic although dizzy sometimes. I understand it takes time to be fully recovered. Now I only need to have acupuncture every 2 weeks. I feel that the major advantage of these treatments are finding the actual causes that initiated my disease and treating it with efficient ways, and the most important thing is without side effects.
W G, Boston, MA

Sleep problems, Anxiety, etc.
Fang-Tsuey has worked wonders for me. I am pregnant with my third child and typically fairly anxious about most things…with just a few visits to Ancient Path I am sleeping well, feeling good, and calm. She has addressed any and all issues I come to her with and she does so with kindness and patience. I have recommended her to all my friends (and anyone who will listen to me!).
Stephanie, Lexington, MA

After having severe hip pain for the past year and taking prescription medicines, cortisone shots, seeing a chiropractor and physical therapist and not having any success in reducing this pain, I saw an ad in the magazine “Arthritis Today” that stated that acupuncture helped arthritis. I decided to give it a try and I am VERY glad that I did. From day one to present my acupuncturist, Jonathan, has been so caring and I can truly say that my pain level has been reduced a great deal. I look forward to continuing with this treatment. Thank you Jonathan you are truly a healer!
Roxanne Polli

Back pain
When I first consulted Fang-Tsuey and Yi-Jen, I was a terrified nineteen year old who had had to leave school because of debilitating back pain. The pain began after a particularly strenuous run, and over the course of three months the pain of the original “injury” had inexplicably spread and become entirely debilitating. The full story of how many orthopedists and specialists I consulted is a long list of referrals and MRIs. Over the course of this nightmare I recieved almost no treatment. Doctors visits were cold and clinical, and left me waiting in acute pain, for an appointment with the next specialist whom the last one had referred me to. There are several key differences between Ancient Path’s treatment and western doctors. The first and most important is that it works. I can charge up the stairs to their office and do Qi Kung, taught by Yi-Jen, that I could not have done pain-free when I first saw them. The second distinguishing sign of Ancient Path’s care is that when I first came under their care, I would have been too afraid to try the movements of Qi-Kung without hurting myself. But Fang-Tsuey was immediately warm, caring, and sympathetic. Under her very tender first session, I experienced the first half-hour of pain relief I’d felt in three months (three months of trying prescription painkillers, rest, ice and heat). Ancient Path provides the care that should exist in Western medical “care.” Finally, Fang-Tsuey and Yi-Jen treat the whole body system. I came to them for treatment of back pain. As it turns out, this “injury” was part of other dysfunctional systems. Halfway through my treatment I thought to mention that I had not had my period in one and half years. Of course this was related! Within three weeks I had my period. I am physically warmer and more well than I have been even before I injured myself.
With gratitude,
M T, Lexington, MA

Arthritis, Back pain, and Headache
As a result of the success of acupuncture, I did not need surgery for my left knee and right thumb. When I returned to my doctor, he was so surprised with my improvement. Thank you, Fang-Tsuey, for helping me! I highly recommend “Ancient Path” as an alternative medical clinic. I now use acupuncture for back pains, headaches, relaxation . . and always feel better afterwards. Fang-Tsuey is always there to make me a “healthier” person!
Mary Alice Garza Samii, Belmont, MA

Pain conditions after car accident
It is a privilege to write an accounting of my experiences since 2002 until the present with Fang-Tsuey and Yi-Jen.
In 2002 was in a car accident. Someone hit me from behind while I was stopped at a red light. I was taken to the hospital in an ambulance in a neck brace and a great deal of back pain. I had an MRI and was examined by a neurosurgeon at Lahey Clinic. At that time he thought surgery would be the end result. Apparently the impact had thrown my back out of alignment causing discs to be squashed and pushed around. This caused pain in my neck, lower back and legs. I missed weeks of work because the pain was so severe. With rest the pain got somewhat better so we decided that before I opted for the surgery I could try physical therapy and a back brace. I went to PT at Lahey twice a week for weeks, was fitted for an expensive brace and was on heavy amounts of Ibuprofen just to get through the days. When I returned for the follow-up, the pain had eased very little so he sent me back to PT for many more weeks. The therapist was convinced surgery was the last resort. So back to the neurosurgeon. At the consult he felt that surgery would only relieve the pain temporarily, that it would help only in the short term. So he suggested I try to manage the pain. He said he would definitely not recommend a chiropractor because of the type of injury. More damage could result. He went on to suggest investigating Acupuncture because he had heard of good results from other patients.
I live in Lexington and by good fortune we found Ancient Path. Yi-Jen did a thorough consult and I began treatments immediately. Almost from the beginning I had relief. At the start I was going twice a week. After each session I would progress. The pain was under control. I was taking less and less medication. I started to do things that had caused great pain before such as gardening, vacuuming……just walking had been painful and now it was so much less so. Then Fang-Tsuey became my primary care. She also used the needles and heat but she also tried cupping. As painful as that was in the beginning it worked even faster. I am a visual person and I used to say that when I was in the worst pain I always envisioned having the pain drawn out of me somehow or having something inserted that would allow the pain to escape. With acupuncture that’s what I feel happens. The needles open the channels to allow the pain to leave and the cupping and blood letting draws the bad out and provides enormous relief.
Now, there are days when I do too much…usually because I feel so good…and I may get sore but I sit and it goes away. If it’s bad enough I will come in for a treatment. I now come every two weeks and sometimes even three weeks for one session. This maintains all the good work they have done and I also look forward to the comfort and peace I receive.
Over the past years Fang-Tsuey has treated me for severe headaches, arthritis in my knees, colds, stress from my job and all the related stress when three years ago my husband was seriously ill.
I have recommended them to numbers of people for various problems and every single one has come back with glowing reports of how much better they feel. Many have been helped and many continue to come for maintenance. The neurosurgeon and my primary care doctor have both asked for their information when they saw the wonderful results.
My sincere feeling is that if you are open to the treatments and patient the results will come. I particularly have faith in Fang-Tsuey and Yi-Jen because they are always learning and most of all because they really care about their patients. It is hard to imagine looking forward to having someone stick needles in your fingers or forehead, etc. but knowing how good you will feel afterwards makes it all worth it. To me sessions are like visiting a friend. I always leave with a sense of well being and peace.
Thank you both for giving me my life back.
With great affection,
Jean M. Hart, Lexington, MA 02420

Elevated PSA
I went to the Acupuncture & Herbal Clinic of Westboro, MA after my PSA (prostate specific antigen) had spiked for the second time in a year. It was at 7, where the normal range is 0 to 4. Six months previously, it had been much higher, and I didn’t want to return to those anxious times. After four acupuncture visits in a very relaxing atmosphere and taking miniature Chinese herbal pills, my PSA has dropped to 2.4, well within the normal range. Now, I go less frequently for general well body health maintenance, rather than worrying about a cure. Yi-Jen knows just the right spots to stimulate your body’s energy points without causing any pain.
Dale S., Milford, MA

Chronic sinus condition
My Sense of Smell has returned! I have had no or dull sense of smell for many, many years, and after 2 treatments, I went to brew a cup of coffee and I could smell it very strongly. It was wonderful!
Cindy Redding

Health conditions
Hello, Yi-Jen and Huan-Wen. I just wanted to say thank you for helping Kim with her problems. We appreciate your expertise, attention and kindness.
Thank you,
Cory Girard.

Lower back pain and Sciatica
Since February 13, 2008, I had experienced severe lower back and sciatic pain. Initially my primary care physician advised me to apply heat, take Advil and get bed rest. However, after more than 3 weeks of this routine, I begged my doctor for prescription pain meds. After an office visit he gave me a prescription. In addition, he told me to start physical therapy, and he ordered x-rays and eventually an MRI. These tests revealed muscle spasms and two disc protrusions. With the medication and the physical therapy, I still could not sit at home or in the car for more than half an hour before experiencing extreme pain. I was also concerned that this pain would force me to cancel my trp to France in late May. There was no way I could sit on a plane for 7 hours followed by a 3 hours train ride. At the insistence of my brother and sister-in-law who swear by their acupuncturist in Florida, they emailed me a list of practitioners which included Chiu-Hui Li of Ancient Path. From my first appointment, I was treated with understanding and respect by Chin-Hui Li. On April 14 I walked into the Westboro office in pain, dragging my left leg. By the next day, my lower back felt somewhat better. Now after my fifth treatment, I am off all medications and my severe pain is an occasional ache. I thank Chiu-Hui Li for her skill and sensitivity that have given me back my freedom of movement. And thank you for helping me keep my tavel plans.
Beth Z. 4/28/08

Menstral cramps, Blocked fallopian tubes, Irritable Bowel Syndroms
I have been wanting to have a second child for a few years now, but had two miscarriages. I turned to a fertility specialist who diagnosed me from a hysterosalpingogram (HSG) that checks the patency of the fallopian tubes to have a hydrosalpynx of my right fallopian tube. This is essentially a blocked swollen damaged right tube and was the most likely cause of my miscarriage and difficulty getting pregnant. I had a laparoscopy to attempt to open the right tube but suffered terrible complications. My stomach lining was inadvertently nicked and as a result, I bled a liter of blood into my abdomen. I was rushed to the hospital requiring 4 pints of blood and 3 long weeks of recovery. My tube was opened from the surgery but then closed back up again six months later. I was devastated. I needed to find another way to correct this hydrosalpynx as it was also giving me terrible cramping 75% of the time. I felt very depressed, my irritable bowel was acting up, I felt tired all th e time and very negative. I was told be a friend of mine to give acupuncture a try. I felt, “Well, what have I got to lose?” So, I tried acupuncture, and over the course of a few months I felt transformed. My color started returning, I felt my irritable bowel getting better, I was happier and my cramps were lessening. I was finally starting to feel healthier again, as I hadn’t felt healthy since August of 2006 prior to the last miscarriage. I now only have cramps 35% of the time and I had a repeat HSG to check the patency of the fallopian tubes, and my right fallopian tube is now open and normal! It’s a miracle! I finally have a bright outlook on life and feel that if I were to achieve pregnancy again that acupuncture would help me maintain it this time. Acupuncture has helped me in so many other ways as well. It helps treat my colds along with herbs, so I no longer have to take antibiotics to treat a cold. I would recommend acupuncture for everyone as it treats, achieves , and maintains an optimum level of health for the body as a whole, not just a symptom. It is truely a special gift.
Anna Minks, Lexington, MA

Joint pain, Energy level, Hypertension
My experience at Ancient Path Acupuncture has been 100% positive. From the first visit I was treated respectfully and thoroughly.

Through my visits my overall health improved, along with specific symptoms of my joint pain. My energy level improved, my joint pain greatly decreased, my blood pressure dramatically decreased, and my ease of movement was restored.

I would not hesitate to turn to Ancient Path whenever I felt I was feeling anything less than my best.

The entire process was revitalizing both physical and spiritually. Acupuncutre at Ancient Path is powerful medicine. I would encourage anyone who wants to improve any aspect of his/her health to try it!
Susan Siegel 3/20/07

My daughter suffered from migraines since she was 4 years old. We have seen numerous neurologists and have been on multiple medications. She is now 15 years old and the headaches often cause her to miss school. A friend told me how acupuncture helped him so we decided to try it. After having 2 – 3 migraines weekly she is having none. We noticed the difference after just one week. If she feels like she is going to get a headache she can take “Excedeun” and within an hour it’s gone. She doesn’t have to stop what she is doing and sleep like she used to.
Janet M 6/20/07

My first visit to Ancient Path was back in the spring of 2002 and is one that I will never forget. At the time I had been battling mono for a little over a year and all the doctors advised me to do was go home after school and sleep. As a very active high school athlete I was tired of doing nothing but resting and became depressed. My mother suggested I go to Ancient Path because she herself had such great success after only a few treatments. I knew she had been dealing with neck pains for quite sometime and the fact she was pain free in such a short period of time without any medications made me very curious about Acupuncture.
A little apprehensive about the needles, I entered into the room only to be greeted with a warm smile and caring, attentive eyes. As I explained all of my symptoms, the acupuncturists told me something I had been waiting to hear for over a year, “I will help you.” Immediately my eyes swelled up with tears and I finally felt hopeful that I would and could feel better.
Only after a few weeks of acupuncture treatments I was back to my normal active self and taking part in sports again. One of the things that sets apart the practitioners at Ancient Path from any other health professional I have seen, is my acupuncturist would call me months later just to make sure that I was still feeling better. What doctor does that?
In July 2007 I began going back to Ancient Path to help me with some health issues that I had been dealing with for several months. After just 1 visit I felt dramatic improvements and my conditions have improved with each treatment. I would highly recommend going to Ancient Path for just about any type of health issue you may be going through. Many of my family members have also gone to Ancient Path for various issues and they have all received amazing results. They truly are exceptional healers and will do anything in their power to make you feel better!
Courtney, Bedford, MA

Knee pain, Neck pain, Skin problems, and Energy level
I have recieved many benefits from working with Ancient Path. My initial reason for trying acupuncture was to get relief for my aching knee, I was surprised to find that acupuncture and herbs can work in so many ways. I soon realized how acupuncture and herbs could fit into my plan to become healthier and maintain it over time. Besides my knee, improvements with my skin, neck and energy level have left me feeling very satisfied with the time and money I have invested in my health with Ancient Path.
Tom Fernandes, Lexington, MA

Main Problem: Severe menstrual cramps, fibroid, cysts & polyps
Experience: For 10 years I suffered painful menstrual cramps as well as various growths and infertility. I found it necessary to plan life’s events around my menstrual cycle. After my OBGYN gently approached the topic of Hysterectomy, I immediately sought an alternative. Ancient Path Acupuncture and herbs has truly changed my life. After only a few treatments, the cramps began to lessen. Every month was better and better. I really could not understand how it worked, but it does. Now, after 8 months on treatment, I experience NO PAIN – one polyp has disappeared!
I fell fantastic on so many levels – physically as well as emotionally. Yi-Jen and Fang-Tsuey are an incredible team – I fell so blessed. Herbs, as well as changes in my diet and drinking lots of water plus the needling= wonderful! Thank you so very much!
Karen Dube, Lexington, MA

Dupuytren’s contracture
I have been diagnosed with tendon problems in both palms- possibly Dupuytren’s contracture. It was sufficiently severe that I was unable to straighten the little finger on one hand. The options offered by the local Hand Clinic were limited to surgery coupled with months of physical therapy, with no promises that the problem would not return. Ancient Path addressed this with a very different strategy. Within two months the major contracture was resolved and I was able to straighten the little finger effortlessly and painlessly for the first time in three years – all without surgery.
Harvey F.

Anxiety, and Knee pain
I have been so pleased with the results achieved through accupuncture. My anxiety levels have dropped considerably. I am handling stressful situations much better. I stopped losing my hair, and have reduced the anxiety persperations. The extreme pain in my knee has been alleviated to a great extent. I had played golf and walked the course all summer without using a knee brace and without pain. I was able to really enjoy the summer.
RoseAnna McMackin

Lower Bak Pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Life was very painful. I was suffering from both chronic lower back pain and carpel tunnel syndrome. I went to see my primary care physician and then specialists but they were unable to provide me with any good resolution for my problems. The doctors gave me pain medicine and suggested surgery for both the lower back pain and carpel tunnel. I was worried that I would have to suffer for the rest of my life with these problems or risk surgery to find a resolution.

Both my lower back pain and my carpel tunnel have improved dramatically since I started going to acupuncture at Ancient Path. I am able to go to work every day without the pain in my back or wrists that I experienced for years while sitting at a desk all day typing. I have also been able to go back to the gym and enjoy the sports I used to including snow skiing. Overall, my quality of life has improved dramatically. I highly recommend acupuncture to anyone that is suffering with back pain or carpel tunnel.
Peter Brotherston

Pain in Neck/Shoulder/Arm/Wrist reduced dramatically with strong Qi sensation
Around October 15th “08” I suffered an injury to my neck resulting in a “bulging disk”. I saw my doctor and they gave me a referral for physical therapy. I began PT 2 times per week. The pain was very bad, radiating down my right arm into my wrist. I was taking 800 Mg of Ibuprophen 4 times per day and was still unable to focus at work! PT did not seem to be helping, and in fact the traction that was done actually made it worse. All the feedback I received seemed to imply that surgery would probably be necessary at some point.

Around November 5th I began seeing Fang Tsuey and Yi Jen for treatment. Initially improvement was moderate (although treatment was sporadic as they were away at a conference for 2 weeks during that time). When they returned I was treated by Yi Jen. Yi Jen used blood letting, cupping, and much fewer needles. However each needle he used was painful. While his manipulation of the needles increased the pain [Qi sensation], he said that was because he was breaking down the blockage and encouraging the Qi to move.

The results I experienced the day after treatment were incredible. With each visit my pain was lessened dramatically, to the point where the severe nerve type “shooting pain” was eliminated. On the other hand I did still have pain (closer to the type of pain I experience from working out for the first time in awhile). We had a discussion about “short pain vs. long pain”. Yi Jen explained that traditional Chinese medicine is typically painful, but that they’ve worked to make it less painful so as not to discourage, or turn people away. However positive results will take longer to realize by avoiding the “treatment pain”.

Now after approximately 1 month I have not had to take any pain medication for several days, and I am close to 90% healed. I’ve also discussed other health concerns (issues related to digestion) and am seeing similar positive results.

Thank you!

Steve Robichaud

Back pain, Fertility issue
I have had a very positive experience with acupuncture treatment. My chronic lower back pain issue have solved and I am now pregnant. Chiu-Hui has been very kind and gentle throughout all my treatments. I highly recommend acupuncture therapy.
Heidi Williams

Upper back and neck pain
I was in an automobile accident on March 2004 . Since that time I was going to Physical Therapy to able me to have a better range of motion and have less discomfort in the form of upper back and neck pain. I did not desire to go on any form of extended pain medication or to receive spinal injections to alleviate the pain by deadening the nerves.
My Orthopedic surgeon recommended that I should try Acupuncture. On Oct. 2007 I decided to try this method. I was experiencing upper back and neck pain once again and opted to try something other than Physical Therapy this time.
I contacted Ancient Path Acupuncture of Westboro for an appointment. On my first visit I was evaluated by the staff and was set up for treatment two times a week. As we progressed we went to one week then once every two weeks. We are now on maintenance of a period of once a month.
Since going to receive acupuncture for the treatment period all my back spasms are gone and my back and shoulder pain has improved greatly. As a result I now have a greater range of motion.
Thank you very much,
Olivette Marshall